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Denny Very unique sounds. One of a kind! Favorite track: Disappear.
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released April 23, 2017

All music written and performed by EMPRESS
Recorded from 8th October to the 21st November of 2016

Recorded by Liam Kriz at Autonomic
Mixed by Christopher Brownbill at Underground Audio
Mastered by Govinda Doyle
Original cover photograph by Ryan Smith



all rights reserved


Empress Gold Coast, Australia

for show bookings or any inquiries contact empressmusic@outlook.com


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Track Name: I
Shed the light upon our sins
Like paper thin snakeskin
Translucent scales I breathe you in
Fill my chalice to the brim.

We pray to false light
We blind our only sight
To hold each other in the night
Fickle hands soft and sleight.

In coiled helix we slough
Pull the web from my brow
Cloudy caul over my eyes
A noise of white chaotic lies.
And you struggle as I strike
Vipers tongue like flicker light
The constrictor clenches tight
My love it does not help to fight.

In the waning warmth we bathe
Limbs entangled cold and grave
Our poisoned blood we could not save
The star illuminates our frames.
Burn me.
Track Name: Disappear

Exoskeleton. Black Jackal Dog.
There's flesh and bone and skin.
But dead and gone.
It pains us to exist
Scratching at ourselves.
What crazed thing am I?
That destroys too well.

Wake up wanting to disappear.
Blood runs cold and numb to the fear.
Wake up wanting to disappear.
Track Name: We Wait for Death
We Wait for Death.

What have we become
No life behind our eyes
We wait for death to come
As someone we despise
And no more shall we start
and no more shall we rise
We wait for death to come
Our hands towards the skies.

We drown in the depths of fire
Exist to only expire
We burn to feel alive.

We wait for last release
Till death our secrets keep
Time will not move slow
Lovers lay us low
There is no paradise
Just dead celestial lights
Dust and ashes grey
And words we didn't say.
Track Name: Into the Arms
Into The Arms.

Hold it down, swallow.
Take back the love I borrowed.
Cold black eyes,
Cut sharper than knives.

Lungs fill up with sorrow,
Beneath the waves I follow.
Into the arms,
Of darkness we dive.

I dread the dawn of morrow,
Beneath the skin I'm hollow.
Hard nails scratch,
Pry open your lies.

Destroy the pure and take what's left,
Rage infests me and I forget.
Ready to burn with my regrets.
Rot from inside with secrets kept.

Do you think you could forgive me?
Can we survive something else?
How could you love me,
When I hate myself.
Track Name: Sorrow Becomes Her
Sorrow Becomes Her.

She thinks she looks prettiest
when she cries,
And she thinks she loves you most
When you keep telling her goodbye.
There's a veil across
the wet face of her tonight,
Grieving for the loss of you
or anyone or anything.

Sorrow becomes her.

Her thin boned fingers
Braid her dark and heavy hair
She weeps when you touch her
For the love that isn't there
She turns her face away
To bare her long serpent spine
As you mourn for desire
That you left long behind.

Sorrow Becomes Her.

You want her most
When she's brittle in your bastard hands
Begging to stay
Even if you don't fuck her
When she's still on the bed
And you can't stand the thought
When you hate the way she looks
And you can't wait to tell her.

Sorrow Becomes Her.
Track Name: Vacant Eyes, Lust and Lies
Vacant Eyes, lust and lies.

Between you and I,
There's always words unsaid.
Sometimes I want to mean something to someone,
But I'm left much to dead.
Behind your vacant eyes,
Between lust and lies.
I get down on my knees
And kiss your hands.

Pretend I don't feel pain,
Sorrowful and ill.
I sacrifice myself,
So I can love you still.
A gutful of regrets,
A mouthful of lost words.
I endure the hurt.
Let you destroy me first.

And so the adversary becomes the muse,
And I can't stop thinking about you.

Cold dread crept over me during the night.
Swallow down a heaviness,
Stones in my stomach
tightening chest.
The moon grins, mocking me
I want to tear it down from its star spangled throne in the sky.
Invert its pale ghost face,
make it sad like me.
Make it stare at the earth with a disappointed, down turned mouth.
Weeping cratered eyes.
I'm hurt and I don't know why.

And I can't stop thinking about you.